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Adam2.orgI am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. - John 15:5

Adam2.orgAnd the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. - Mark 4:35 may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. - Psalms 30:5b is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. - Matthew 7:14 the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. - Genesis 1:2b

Adam2.orgThe Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. - Psalms 23:1-2 Pin More Christian Headlines

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In His PresenceIn His Presence - Prayer Meditation #8
When Praying, Do Not Look Upon It As A 'Badge Of Honor' To Be Worn Publicly For All Others To See Such 'Great Spiritual Depths' You Have Achieved.
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Divine PromiseDivine Promise
Hebrews 13:5
No promise is of private interpretation. Whatever God has said to any one saint, He has said to all. When He opens a well for one, it is that all may drink. When He openeth a granary-door to give out food, there may be some one starving man who is the occasion of its being opened, but all hungry saints may come and feed too...
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Tests For Right Or Wrong DecisionsTests For Right Or Wrong Decisions
Proverbs 3:5-6;
I Thessalonians 5:21;
I Peter 4:11

These questions are offered for your consideration when attempting a decision, response to something or someone, or action on your part. They are merely guidelines for daily living. Of course, the WWJS or WWJD tests go without saying. Also, I was fortunate to have both parents who set an example for me in life, both in daily living and their spiritual lives. Therefore, I include the test of what would my father or mother have done faced with the same situation or decision?...
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The Way Of the EaglesThe Way Of the Eagles
Thunderheads rolled ominously over the Western hills, as the lightning bolts streaked across the sky. In a lush green valley below, two birds together in a barn lot reacted in different ways. Appearing similar in some ways, the birds were actually different as day and night. The chicken, with her head down and her beak busy in the trash of the barnyard, stepped up her pace as she scratched among the debris and filth searching for grubworms, scraps, and bits of corn. Knowing that time was short, and that she would soon have to take refuge in the safety of the barn, she worked frantically to get a meal before the full fury of the storm struck...
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Where are you going in life?
Religion and the Founding of America
Book: Adam2

Guide For The Walk Home

The following is taken from the Book, Adam2: A Guide For The Walk Home, written by our founder. It is A Commentary On The Gospel Of John, complete with a background look at the contemporary Jewish groups active in Jesus' day. It includes a summary of each chapter, a redacted study of each disciple, a brief study of Gnosticism of the time, pertinent timelines, and much more. Each chapter of study includes extensive Biblical references to the notes on the chapter.

A chronological excerpt of each section will be posted here at the beginning of each month. You can access free of charge at any time a complete online digital version for your further study. In addition, a link will be provided to purchase the book on CD to install on your own computer for convenience of study and print. All we ask is that you observe the stated copyrights as with any book you buy over the counter, limiting your print to only one hard copy for your own personal use. If further hard copies are necessary, please contact us for an additional nominal fee. Thank you for your interest in this study. Our hope and prayer is that through the work of the Holy Spirit as you study you will be blessed by it, and if so, recommend it to a friend.

For this month, we will begin our study of John - Chapter 1 from the book: Adam2.

For a look at some Background Information on our writer, the Apostle John, see the Disciple Study located for convenient reference in the Appendix. This is provided so as not to piecemeal or obscure each disciple within our main study as they are introduced by the gospel writer.
  1. As learned in our Introduction, Palestine was ruled by Rome under 4 divisions at the time of Christ: (1) Judea and (2) Samaria ruled by Pontius Pilate, the 5th appointed Roman procurator in A.D. 26; and (3) Galilee and (4) Perea ruled by the Idumean Herod.
  2. Except for His infant flight into Egypt (Mt.2:14), Jesus spent His life within a 70 mile radius of this region: Jerusalem to the South; Sidon on the coast to the north; and Decapolis and Perea to the east.
  3. Polytheism (except for the religious Jew) was the order of the day. Immorality abounded, even among the many "gods." The spiritual aspect of Jewish religion (except among a few, usually the poorer class) was all but extinct (Mt.9:10). The legalism of the Pharisees and Scribes ruled. Ceremonialism was the yoke that bound the necks of all Jews, especially as one drew nearer to its center in Jerusalem. From A.D. 6, taxation had been levied by the heavy hand of Rome, and in many cases implemented by turncoat publicans (Lk.5:29). Hope toward a political messiah was at its zenith. Many such self-proclaimed persons were appearing on the scene with their renegade band of followers, only to be discounted by their own actions usually (Acts 5:36,37). The region was rife with bands of robbers and Sicarii. The middle class was non-existent. Most were very poor, except for the few aristocrats who bought and sold humans like cattle.
  4. Into this volatile world, Jesus came to establish His Heavenly Kingdom, but the Jew refused Him as their king, declaring they had none but Caesar (19:15). Although Jewish by blood and by His own declaration He came to the house of Israel (Acts 2:36), He was subsequently rejected by His own (vs.11). However, as He also clearly taught, His kingdom will include anyone from any blood who will hear and respond to His call.
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Think On This
A Biblical Search For Spiritual Answers In Valuing Human Life

Human Life The following is a lesson designed for group study for examining the devaluation of human life in our culture today. It begins, not with the ideas and arguments proposed by modern intellect, reason, or persuasion, for these are flawed and ever fluid, but as it should, with a search of what God Himself, He who created it, has already said concerning it. One has only to read of the war that currently rages among leading scientists over Hawking's theory of "black holes" and his recent laughable forray into the topics of religion. Those who demand that any debate or examination must begin with science and should not consider the Bible in their findings elevate man above God. Science has not created one man nor is capable of creating one soul that makes the human distinct from animal.

We all know that man is flawed and is incapable of creating, deducting, or reasoning one single thing that itself isn't flawed as well. So, why not consider the thoughts of the Creator before the created. After all, isn't God the author of all, even science? The universe did not come into existence merely on its own and each orb suspends and sustains itself in space. Science has its place but not to the exclusion of its Origin. As foolish as it is for the scientist to deny the Scripture, it would be equally foolish for the Bible student or scholar to deny valid science. Therefore, as important as science is when considering this topic, we will, however, begin our questions as we should—with God's Word.

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Bible Summaries

Proverbs Chapter Summary

The following is taken from the Book of Old Testament Summaries.

  1. (629 B.C.?) The words of Jeremiah, son of Hilkiah, of the priests in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin in the days of Josiah, 15th king of Judah, in the 13th year of his reign, through Zedekiah, last king of Judah at the time of the fall of Jerusalem and captivity to Babylon (586 B.C.). Called from birth and encouraged by God as a child. Personal touch by God to speak His words. His first vision test: almond tree rod; passed. Second vision test: seething pot; passed. Visions' explanation of Jerusalem's destruction to come from the north now foretold to him. He is to fear no man, being totally protected by God.
  2. Commissioned and commanded now to begin: "Go and cry in the ears of Jerusalem..." his first message. He reminds them of the days of old, questioning their reasoning for turning from God. None looks for Him. The land is polluted by the people. A great irony: Other nations are true to their gods who are false, but Israel is false to her true God! Astonishing! They are guilty of two evils: (1) they have forsaken God, the fountain of living waters; (2) made their own broken cisterns unable to hold water. When in trouble why did they flee to Egypt for help who had once enslaved them? They are covenant-breakers! A once noble vine now a degenerate plant. (See Isa.5.) Their lust for their false and hopeless gods is unrestrainable—one for every city. All are guilty. Discipline did no good. They kill the prophets who were sent to warn them and are sanctimonious and self-righteous in all their evil doings. God will not prosper them in their own vain conceited self-confidence.
  3. His message continues. They continue to commit spiritual adultery, yet returning again and again to God with no guilt. His blessings withheld from them did not turn them. The evil they could do, they did! Reminded of their sister, Israel's judgment (fall to Assyria in 721), but failed to heed it. Judah now more guilty than her. A call to repentance. A promise of a remnant, with Israel reunited under a Universal King with God as their Father. A further call to repentance. Salvation is only of God. The vanity of their false works. Israel's confession of their sin.
  4. (612 B.C.?) The results of genuine repentance only if they turn. It requires a spiritual circumcision of the heart. Let the land hear His final warning. Judgment will come from the north; so prepare. All will wonder. So the people won't be misled, Jeremiah seeks clarification if peace or judgment will come. God answers: the winds of war will come, but Jerusalem may be spared for now if she repents; warn everyone! The reason for their enemy allowed ( vs.17-18). The evil's lamentation: when will it end? The day of salvation. All shall flee. Her past lovers, now despising her, will seek her life. She will cry before the avenger against her bloody sins!
  5. Unlike Sodom with ten, Jerusalem will be spared if only one righteous is found. All swear to Him falsely, refusing to return. None will turn, not even the greatest. How can He pardon them? A call for the invasion. Name one good reason they should not be punished? They deceived themselves; His word is not in them. A nation of an unknown tongue will come for their judgment. A remnant is promised after their predicted captivity. He would have been to them as the shore to the sea, keeping back its pounding relentless waves, but their heart is turned away. Their evil deeds are described. Why shouldn't He punish them? They all follow after their own sick wicked ways, not considering their inevitable end.
  6. A warning is issued of the imminent enemy already in their countryside. Shepherds flee. Their enemy is encouraged and prepares for Jerusalem's siege. His warning goes unheeded. None will escape. All are consumed with covetousness, deluding themselves in a false peace before sudden destruction. No rest for their souls will come. Their evil thoughts will be exposed and they will be brought low by His chosen stumbling blocks placed before them. God's standard for them to be tried and rejected as reprobate silver.
  7. (600 B.C.?) Jeremiah's first gate message (next, 17:19) to the worshipers as they come: a divine call to repentance. Get pure religion, and then He will give peace! But their hypocrisy abounds and His Temple is abused. Shiloh was an example for them. Prayer for them is now hopeless. The whole family is corrupt. Utter desolation with unquenchable anger will come. His message—obey His voice that it be well— has been the same day after day since the beginning days of their fathers, but to no avail. They have done worse than their fathers, even offering their children as sacrifices! To Him, unthinkable! Jerusalem, take up a lamentation, the house of God is polluted; Hinnom (sight of children sacrifices south side of the city) shall be called the valley of slaughter! The land, desolate.
  8. Even the dead wicked's bones shall not have rest! Their graves will be desecrated by the enemy. Times will be so terrible, death will be preferred to life. No reason for Jerusalem's perpetual backsliding. God patiently listened for their repentant turning, but none did. Even nature knows the seasonal laws to turn and obeys. God's laws to man however were given in vain. God gives them up to the enemy to be judged, from the least to the greatest. Their evil, silenced. The harvest has passed, with no balm in Gilead.
  9. Thus, Jeremiah's lamentation. Their paths are crooked—evil touching evil. None to be trusted: for the deeds of the wicked are great and hypocrisy is proliferate. He asks: You tell me what I should do? The land is made barren. Does anyone understand? Again He gives the reason for their judgment: (1) His law is forsaken; (2) His voice is not obeyed; (3) They walk after the imagination of their own hearts. Now scattered among the heathen. Bring in the mourners! Great calamity will suddenly come. A warning to the upper classes. Man's glory is only in knowing Him! His chosen remain uncircumcised (unrepentant), consequently, He will punish them with the heathen.
  10. The heathen and their occult ways are condemned. The people's heightened interest in their idols, incapable of any action, good or evil, will not save them. There is none like God, His greatness, His wisdom, and truthfulness. He is Everlasting! No other god made the heavens and Earth. False gods and those who worship them will perish. They are impotent for their salvation. They are the reason for their destruction. God is the portion of Jacob. He will judge the land. The woe of a man for his hurt and loss. A news flash, a noise comes! Judah made desolate; given to the wild beasts. Man does not know enough to direct his own steps. A plea for correction with mercy, and a fury for the heathen.
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5 Articles on Modern Church
Has church been getting you down lately? Do you have more questions than answers about the major shift in your experiences in worship, in the objects, music, and even the sermons? We may be able to help.
Know first, you are not alone! More people are awaking to a deceptive practice that began years ago. In addition, we have put together 5 articles to try and answer some of those questions and help with your understanding. The first are more practical in nature as they relate to your questions. However, the 5th is more specific in identifying a major factor behind the changes you are experiencing. We hope this will not be the end of your exploration of this growing cancer on the church. If you're fine with it, we wish you the best but some of us have not nor will buy into it.
You may print and disseminate in whole or part but without modification and citing their original source.

In His Presence - Prayer Study and Meditations

Great site, enjoyed the quizzes. Keep it up...
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