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Adam2.orgI am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. - John 15:5

Adam2.orgAnd the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. - Mark 4:35 may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. - Psalms 30:5b is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. - Matthew 7:14 the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. - Genesis 1:2b

Adam2.orgThe Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. - Psalms 23:1-2 Pin More Christian Headlines

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Can A Compass Be Wrong?Can A Compass Be Wrong?
Psalm 18:30
Being one degree off at the beginning of your walk will lead you to being miles away from your destination if your compass isn't calibrated correctly...
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In His PresenceIn His Presence - Prayer Meditation #25
When Praying, Do Not Think You Are Offering Your Words To Him For Them To Be Graded, And If You Should Pass By Any Measure, He May Answer For Your Good Pleasure...
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The Mercy of GodThe Mercy of God
Psalm 52:8
Meditate a little on this mercy of the Lord. It is tender mercy. With gentle, loving touch, He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds....
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Questions For Self-Examination12 Questions for Self-Examination
2 Ti 3:16,17
Often in life, I am asked two very serious questions relating to one's spiritual welfare: (1) How can I tell if I really am a Christian, or, (2) How can I know of my spiritual condition and level of growth as a Christian?... Read More Read More
Whose Kingdom Is Here? Christian Reconstruction in the Former USSRWhose Kingdom Is Here? Christian Reconstruction in the Former USSR
The revealed will of God is not obviously seen in every event in history. Temporal setbacks of Christianity and the growth of Islam are vivid examples of this. However, the growth of the kingdom of God predicted in the Holy Scriptures surely contains a message for us...
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Salvation By GraceSalvation By Grace
Paul of Tarsus identifies himself the following way: "...I am an Apostle of Gentiles..." (Rom 11.13).1 To interpret this statement to mean that Paul did not care about the nation of Israel or would not preach the Gospel to Jews would be incorrect. This paper will focus on the Scripture paragraph (Rom 11.1-6):...
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Where are you going in life?
Religion and the Founding of America
Book: Adam2

Guide For The Walk Home

The following is taken from the Book, Adam2: A Guide For The Walk Home, written by our founder. It is A Commentary On The Gospel Of John, complete with a background look at the contemporary Jewish groups active in Jesus' day. It includes a summary of each chapter, a redacted study of each disciple, a brief study of Gnosticism of the time, pertinent timelines, and much more. Each chapter of study includes extensive Biblical references to the notes on the chapter.

A chronological excerpt of each section will be posted here at the beginning of each month. You can access free of charge at any time a complete online digital version for your further study. In addition, a link will be provided to purchase the book on CD to install on your own computer for convenience of study and print. All we ask is that you observe the stated copyrights as with any book you buy over the counter, limiting your print to only one hard copy for your own personal use. If further hard copies are necessary, please contact us for an additional nominal fee. Thank you for your interest in this study. Our hope and prayer is that through the work of the Holy Spirit as you study you will be blessed by it, and if so, recommend it to a friend.

This month we will look at the Sadducees from the book: Adam2.

  1. Sadducee in Hebrew is, Tzedokim, and in Greek, Saddoukaion, or more commonly, Sadouk, meaning, "just or righteous one." The title, and hence its meaning, is derived from the Hebrew name, Zadok. Young separately identifies nine in the Old Testament, with Zadok, the loyal High Priest in David's time, being the most prominent ( II Sam.8:17; I Ki.1:25-26; 2:26-27,35). Though many scholars believe him to be the one preferred by the Sadducees as the origin of their party, still, some identify a priestly descendant also called Zadok, or Sadok, who appeared ca. 300 B.C., as being the father of their movement. Whichever the case, these followers (and evolving party within the Judean religion) were subsequently called, Zadokites, or Sadokites in Hebrew, or Sadducees in Greek.
  2. Though the origin of the Sadducee is not as clear as that of the Pharisee, they appear on the scene during the 3rd century B.C., and become quite strong prior to the outset of the Maccabaean period (See Appendix, Inter-Testament Timeline), even controlling the Great Assembly, or the then evolved, Council of the Seventy Elders. It must be said that the exact nature of the Great Assembly prior to its evolution into the ruling body of the Seventy Elders is not quite certain. As discussed above under "Pharisees," it is believed to have its roots in the priestly scribes of the Levite tribe returning from the Babylonian captivity, who are seen in Nehemiah reading and teaching the Torah to the congregation, with Ezra himself being their leader (Neh.8). Whether they evolved into a legislative body between their return and the beginning of Greek rule, or simply identified in each of those generations collectively as the Great Assembly (Knesset Gedolah), it is not known; however, to these had been given the responsibility of copying and preserving scripture. As a result of their familiarity with scripture, disputes and perceived contradictions over specific texts were brought to them for their resolution, hence, we can see how their authority began to evolve. (See above discussion on the Scribes.)
  3. As Jewish life in Palestine began to settle into daily routine after the rebuilding of their Temple (515 B.C.), and without the ruling monarchy of the previous Solomonic Temple times (now no longer a nation), the question of what direction, both politically and religiously, the Hebrew people should advance under the then ruling Persian empire became a serious subject of debate. From this debate, differing opinions developed and polarization of views evolved into several distinct groups or sects.
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Think On This

State of the Church
State Of The Church

The following is the fourth article to date addressing the changes being seen with alarming detail in modern churches. As with the previous, it is more practical in nature in response to this common dilemma occurring in more and more churches today. The upcoming fifth and final article will deal more with specific facts and provide information as to what is behind this movement of the megachurch, or, what is called by them: the new emerging or emergent church. Another term you hear alternately is the seeker church, or, seeker friendly church.

Having looked at some symptoms and tell-tale signs of a new manifesto being introduced within a growing number of churches spanning across denominational lines, we turn now to more practical matters in general for application. Although not intended, what follows will be controversial. But many who read will find in these words a common thread of what is already being sensed within their own hearts. All I ask is that the reader be open minded and, if haven't already, begin their own search, study and examination of this topic.

The consequences of the magnitude of such a broad scale world-wide implementation of a "new church model" cannot be ignored. It must be examined by the serious Bible student and Christian! It must be looked at in light of Bible prophecy. We must heed the warnings of both Jesus' own words when He walked the earth and those inspired by the Holy Spirit written later for our advantage in alertness of end-time events and trends. Not to do so would be perilous. So, I prayerfully write the following and ask for your prayerful consideration...

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Bible Summaries

Proverbs Chapter Summary

The following is taken from the Book of Old Testament Summaries.

  1. (595/592 B.C.?) Ezekiel (age 30?) receives visions in captivity in Babylon, by the River Chebar, in the 5th year of king Jehoiachin's captivity, taken in the second group, 597 B.C. Vision of the whirlwind with four creatures, each like a man with four faces: a man, lion, ox, and eagle. They move in unison, without turning—going forward, backwards, and in all directions. Lightning emanates from them. A vision of four wheels under them, moving in unison, with the spirit seen in the wheels. Their wings make sounds as the roar of the sea, or the voice of God. A crystal firmament is seen above their heads, with a throne and a Manpresent in it, a rainbow-like glow, or halo surrounding it. God's glory is evident; Ezekiel falls to the ground face down in awe!
  2. The Voice speaks, commanding Ezekiel to stand. Being lifted by the spirit, he listens. God converses with Ezekiel concerning Israel's continued rebellious nature. He is not to be afraid of them when he prophesies to them, nor is he to be hesitant in speaking. Receives a vision of a scroll written on both sides, displayed before him, containing lamentations, mournings, and woes, with instructions for its eating.
  3. Before speaking its words to Israel, though a stranger will better listen, ordered to eat the scroll in its entirety. Tasted as sweet as honey. He is to receive all God's words to his own heart before speaking them to others. He is given a look of authority to face his audiences. Now lifted up from the Earth by the spirit, upheld by the hand of God, transported to Telabib by Chebar, in the place of a colony's captivity, likely his own, sitting among them astonished for the first seven days. God finally speaks, instructing him to warn the wicked and personally held accountable if he fails. A warning so given to both the wicked and righteous! Now commanded to go into the plain to meet God for further instructions. Sees Him as before, falling to his face, lifted up, receiving orders to be bound for a season for a sign, silent in his own house. His first words given to say when ended: Listen if you will, don't if you won't!
  4. [The following 4 Chapters detail Israel and Jerusalem's condition and judgment.] Instructions for the construction of a tile model of the besiegement of Jerusalem as a sign for their judgment. Instructed to lie on his side as a sign for 390 days (LXX records 190) for Israel's long captivity, the other side 40 days for Judah's remaining, prophesying all the while toward Jerusalem (1 day = 1 year). Bound by God on each side while doing so. His diet also specified as a sign. Ezekiel objects to the unclean fire material; God compromises. This done as a sign of famine to come to Jerusalem. They will know their sins are responsible.
  5. (594 B.C.?) [Signs of Jerusalem's siege continues.] Ezekiel is instructed to shave his head and beard, with specific details for disposal: 1/3 to burn, 1/3 to cut up, and 1/3 to scatter to the wind, with a few saved. Jerusalem is condemned for changing His judgments into wickedness, failing to walk in His statutes. God Himself will be their judge, delivering a severe judgment such as never before seen, nor to be repeated. They will resort to eating their own flesh and blood! A 3-fold judgment: 1/3 to die by famine, 1/3 by the sword, and 1/3 scattered; then they shall know God is serious about His business! To be a reproach to all nations. Four great terrors will be sent upon them: (1) famine, (2) wild beasts, (3) pestilence, and (4) the sword.
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5 Articles on Modern Church
Has church been getting you down lately? Do you have more questions than answers about the major shift in your experiences in worship, in the objects, music, and even the sermons? We may be able to help.
Know first, you are not alone! More people are awaking to a deceptive practice that began years ago. In addition, we have put together 5 articles to try and answer some of those questions and help with your understanding. The first are more practical in nature as they relate to your questions. However, the 5th is more specific in identifying a major factor behind the changes you are experiencing. We hope this will not be the end of your exploration of this growing cancer on the church. If you're fine with it, we wish you the best but some of us have not nor will buy into it.
You may print and disseminate in whole or part but without modification and citing their original source.

Chapter by Chapter O.T.Summary

Thank you for such a wonderful and info filled site.
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