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Adam2.orgI am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. - John 15:5

Adam2.orgAnd the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. - Mark 4:35 may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. - Psalms 30:5b is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. - Matthew 7:14 the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. - Genesis 1:2b

Adam2.orgThe Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. - Psalms 23:1-2 Pin More Christian Headlines

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In His PresenceIn His Presence - Prayer Meditation #16
When Praying, Do Not See Time And Eternity, Earth And Heaven, Being Divided By So Great A Chasm That Cannot Be Bridged By The Holy Spirit Who Lives Within The Heart Ready To Make Intercession For The Sincere Believer!...
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Turn MeTurn Me
Hosea 7:8
A cake not turned is uncooked on one side; and so Ephraim was, in many respects, untouched by divine grace: though there was some partial obedience, there was very much rebellion left. My soul, I charge thee, see whether this be thy case...
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Nettles & ThornsNettles & Thorns
Hosea 9:5-6
Nettles of neglect and thorns of forgetfullness grow where the heart fails to tend the important people and places of our lives as our days pass...Read More Read More
The Challenge of Religious PluralismThe Challenge of Religious Pluralism
The twentieth century has brought forth unparalleled challenges to the historic Christian faith. During this century, Christianity's relevance and ultimate validity have been questioned as never before. This assault on the central truth claims of Christianity has come from two distinct fronts: atheistic secular humanism and the growing climate of religious pluralism...
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Where are you going in life?
Religion and the Founding of America
Book: Adam2

Guide For The Walk Home

The following is taken from the Book, Adam2: A Guide For The Walk Home, written by our founder. It is A Commentary On The Gospel Of John, complete with a background look at the contemporary Jewish groups active in Jesus' day. It includes a summary of each chapter, a redacted study of each disciple, a brief study of Gnosticism of the time, pertinent timelines, and much more. Each chapter of study includes extensive Biblical references to the notes on the chapter.

A chronological excerpt of each section will be posted here at the beginning of each month. You can access free of charge at any time a complete online digital version for your further study. It is also available on CD. Thank you for your interest in this study. Our hope and prayer is that through the work of the Holy Spirit as you study you will be blessed by it, and if so, recommend it to a friend.

Turning this month to the background study of the 5 major Jewish groups in Jesus' day: the Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots and Essenes, we look first at the Scribes from the book: Adam2.

  1. Of the five groups we have chosen to study, only one fails to appear by name in our Bible—the Essenes—which we will consider last. Of the remaining four, the scribe is the only one appearing by name in both the Old and New Testament records. Although the remaining three, Pharisees, Sadducees and Zealots, do not appear by name in the Old Testament, traces of each's origin can be seen there, and in the New Testament even the leader of the first Zealot uprising in A.D. 6 is identified in Acts 5:37 and corroborated by Josephus in his record (Antiq.8.1.1; Wars 2.8.1 - pp. 376, 476). However, since the scribes are the first to appear in the early days of Jewish national life, we have chosen to examine them first.
  2. Unlike the remaining four groups to be studied, the scribes are not identified as a political or religious party, or sect, within the Jewish state. This is not to say that they were not individually involved in matters of Jewish affairs, for indeed they were quite active, as we shall see in our study. However, according to a well respected contemporary Jewish historian, the scribes as a group merely "represented a function rather than a sect" (Simon, p. 86). Indeed, it is precisely the evolution of this function that gave rise to this large group in Jesus' day and was arguably His greatest antagonist. But numbers alone do not constitute a sect. Without exploring the difficulties and technicalities of a literal definition, suffice it to say then for our purposes that a sect in that period was a viable current within the mainstream of Judaism as seen in the Pharisee, Sadducee, and Essene. Though not a sect, the scribes' function had a significant influence upon the Jewish people and played a direct role in the death of Christ. For this reason we have chosen the term "group" rather than "sect" to refer to these five bodies that we might include the scribes in our study. Let us look now at their name.
  3. In the Old Testament, Young makes no distinction in Hebrew for the scribe, or saphar, meaning "to cypher, number, or write." However, he does separate the scribe more commonly of the former kind, seen in the pre-exilic era, to that of the latter in Ezra's post-exilic days ( Ezr.4:8,9,17,23; 7:12), with the exceptions of Ezr.7:6 & 11 and all those designated in Nehemiah and Esther.
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Think On This

Couple Walking
Walking With God

The following is the second article to date addressing the changes being seen with alarming detail in modern churches. It is more practical in nature in response to this common dilemma occurring in more and more churches today. The members of these churches are being forced to choose whether to submit to obvious changes over which they have no control or say or look for another path that will be consistent with their beliefs and practices in their Christian walk and worship. The article's focus will sometimes shift from speaking to the opening question being asked to addressing those causing it to be asked—namely, their church leaders. I trust the reader's own wisdom to discern those pivot points for their intended purpose. Thank you for understanding. Please know these thoughts were not written without much prayer and consideration. I, too, am alarmed by these questions being asked about the fundamental changes occurring on a broad scale that spans denominational ties.

There is a clear redefinition of church in today's modern world by a different class and generation of preachers stepping forward in church leadership. What is witnessed in most megachurches within large populations is rapidly being duplicated in smaller churches and communities as well. The meteoric rise of this model and movement whose origins can be traced and identified is catching up young impressionable ministers who are not yet grounded in sound Biblical doctrine and New Testament practice, and deficient in Godly wisdom. It is appealing. It is glamorous, almost in the same vein as the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness by satan for power. It is dangerous! Buying into this new model, they are pushing their people into compliance in extraordinary unBiblical ways. The sad thing is there are many older and much wiser pastors and leaders who are succumbing to this pressure or temptation and going along to get along. They know, or believe, if they too don't assimilate into this new church culture and way of doing things, their people will be drawn away by others who do. Their numbers will decrease, their budgets will decline and the status they once held in the church world will vanish. They excuse themselves by asking: What are we to do? Rather than grounding their people in sound Biblical doctrine that will root them firmly in their faith and place of service, the appeal begins for more money to fund the architecture of this new church model. Yet others see it as a way to raise their level of standing among their peers once thought not possible. No matter which angle this new movement is viewed, once you look past its facade you see the imprint of man all over it. That alone should be a clue for anyone still wondering whether they should step within its path and walk in that direction causing others to follow. True Christianity is not a cult with a following. What we are seeing more and more has many traits of being just that, with each church having its own adored charismatic superstar.

His Word clearly teaches we are not to turn to the wisdom of men in matters of faith and service in His name (1 Co.1:19-20). When leaders come to the point they think God is not capable without their human wisdom and that gleaned from worldly construct they have moved away from walking within the footsteps of Jesus as He walked within the will of the Father and power of the Holy Spirit. When the Bible is used to find, pick and prove some idea the leader has devised and arrived at for imposing their view of success the church stands in danger. It has already been down this road before. Success is not nor should ever be the goal of any church! In the eyes of the world, Christ was an utter failure. They crucified Him at age 33 because He would neither court it or compromise with it. Why, then, are these Johnny-come-lately so-called Christian leaders courting it today? I would suggest more time is required on bended knee than in book stores and seeking ways to make themselves more profitable and popular by appealing to the world. I will say at the outset, this new structure will eventually collapse. It cannot be indefinitely sustained on the foundation of mammon and the wisdom of men upon which it is built. Always true to His Word, He will destroy the wisdom of men. Look at the tower of Babel if you question His veracity in such a serious matter (Gen.11:1-9). When this destruction comes, possibly when the coming tide of economic collapse sweeps across the lands where it stands, it will crumble, as did the house of which Jesus spoke built upon a sandy soil. JumboTrons will be out of place in the basements and closets of homes where genuine Christians will be forced to retreat as in the beginning. With their place of worldly assembly decimated, a tide of unregenerated people caught up in this meteoric fancy will be abandoned with no where to seek for shelter and swept away as rubble in the wake of so great a collapse, comparable possibly to the flood in the days of Noah...

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Bible Summaries

Proverbs Chapter Summary

The following is taken from the Book of Old Testament Summaries.

  1. (1520 B.C.?) Job, a man from Uz, perfect and upright, who feared God and hated evil, who had seven sons and three daughters, with many possessions, was the greatest man of the east. He offered sacrifices continually for his children after their merrymaking for fear they had sinned. Satan presents himself before God with the host in heaven, challenging God to test Job. God agrees, but Job himself is not to be touched. Four separate messengers come to Job with the sad news of the loss of his possessions, servants, flocks, and children by four separate calamities (2 by sword, 1 by fire, and 1 by wind). Upon receiving the devastating news of the loss of his children, he arises, rents his clothes, prepares himself, and falls to the ground in worship, accepting the judgment of God without sin.
  2. Again Satan goes before God and this time is allowed to smite Job but cannot take his life. Job is smitten by Satan with boils from head to foot (complete), scrapes himself with a potsherd and sits in ashes. He rebukes his wife's attempt to get him to curse God and die, escaping his misery. Job's integrity remains. Three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, come together to mourn with and comfort Job. Because of the greatness of Job's grief, they sit in silence with Job seven days and nights.
  3. Finally Job speaks, cursing the day he was born: better he had gone from the womb to the grave not seeing the light of day, and be at rest than endure his present suffering. What he expected all his life has finally happened; and he was not surprised in the least when this trouble came.
  4. Eliphaz speaks to encourage him. That which befell others whom Job had encouraged and strengthened has now come to him. He reminds Job that the innocent nor righteous is cast away or cut off by God, only the wicked. None is greater than God! All are made of clay, from the dust, and many die even without wisdom.
  5. Eliphaz continues his speech. There is none righteous for Job to turn to for help. God's correction will bring a happy end, therefore, his chastening should not be despised by Job. God will deliver man from every kind of trouble known to him, even from the touch of evil; and his days will be prolonged with his house much blessed.
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5 Articles on Modern Church
Has church been getting you down lately? Do you have more questions than answers about the major shift in your experiences in worship, in the objects, music, and even the sermons? We may be able to help.
Know first, you are not alone! More people are awaking to a deceptive practice that began years ago. In addition, we have put together 5 articles to try and answer some of those questions and help with your understanding. The first are more practical in nature as they relate to your questions. However, the 5th is more specific in identifying a major factor behind the changes you are experiencing. We hope this will not be the end of your exploration of this growing cancer on the church. If you're fine with it, we wish you the best but some of us have not nor will buy into it.
You may print and disseminate in whole or part but without modification and citing their original source.

Adam II: Guide For The Walk Home

Thank you for such a wonderful and info filled site.
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